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Dissecting two sisters...

  • What happens when two sisters love the same man?

  • What do you do when Love and tradition are at loggerhead?

  • What risks are there if you make the wrong decisions?

  • Does love, as we know it settle every issue?

  • Where is God in all of these?

  • And many more...

You cannot afford to miss this great opportunity for a divine encounter 


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Wed. 24 March 2021


Bridget Iguehi Kolade Nee Ojeme, is a preacher/ teacher of the total Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. She was born May 9th and trained as a Medical Doctor. She answered the call to Full time Ministry on 1 December 1995 as a Pastor in Vine Branch Ministries where she oversees Women & Worship Departments. She also oversees the Vine Branch Medical Centre.


Dr Bridget Kolade coordinates the Worth-in-Womanhood Ministry  which is largely targeted at the fulfillment of God’s mandate for the whole of womanhood as in Genesis 1:27. She is the author of the free booklet: "ATM" (Abstinence till marriage) usually given out at Girls’ Club School outreaches & the Annual August Girls’ Assembly and ‘Answering the Call-25 years after.'

She is married to Olusola Kolade: Pastor, Vine Branch Ministries, based in Ibadan, Nigeria, where they live. They are currently blessed with 5 children - 3 Biological children & 2 by marriage, plus 2 grand Children.


Pst. Jummy


Fri. 26 March 2021


Also ministering is Pastor Jummy Taribo, already well known here in Possibility Assembly Gospel Ministries. She is also the Director of Admin at PAGM and also Directs Distinct Family Services. She is joining the empowerment team as a host minister.

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Min. Tosin


Sun 28 March 2021


Minister Tosin Alabi is a woman of God with great insight into The Word of God. A gifted teacher and preacher of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 


She was born on 5 April and trained as a pharmacist during her first degree. She serves the Lord at the New Covenant Church, Manchester, United Kingdom. Her unusual insight into God's word from an early age is an immense gift to the body of `Christ.

On the home front, she is married to Dr Alabi and they are blessed with children. Together they live in Manchester, England.



Rev & Mrs


Chief Hosts

We are grateful to God that you are planning to attend this program. We ask that you seriously pray for this program, that God will bring revival to families and relationships through it, and that the very many Rachels in the world today, will receive their turnaround in Jesus' name (amen).


Your Chief Hosts. 

Lanre & Evelyn Jegede

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