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ASOB 2023
22 - 29 August 2023

(Annual School Of the Bible)

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The bible says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge," Notice it did not say, my people perish for lack of anointing or lack of the Spirit." Just as we should look at the world through the lense of the Bible, and not the bible through the lense of the world, we ought also to look at the whole bible through the lense of its Doctrines. In order to avoid capturing a wrong perspective of bible text, Bible Doctrines must be well understood. The Bible Doctrines teach us to correctly think and interpret the things of God. The servant of God must be well furnished with the ten major doctrinal divisions in the bible: which includes the study of God (Theology proper), Angelology, Anthropology, Bibliology, Christology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology, Hamartiology, Pneumatology and Soteriology.


Hidden behind these simple terminologies as you'll soon find out are invaluable need-to-know truths of which we must not be ignorant if we are to please God in our services. In the first part of this module, we studied God (theology proper), and bibliology, including some world views, such as, Humanism, Atheism and pantheism, to mention a few. In this concluding part of the module, we shall study the remaining eight fundamental doctrines. It is hoped that will further equip you in sound doctrine for right living, for defending your faith, and for dispelling deadly false doctrines.

Dr. Lanre Jegede.


This Bible Doctrines module is part of the modules contributing to a qualification in "Theology and Pastoral Studies," and is delivered free by The Olive Centre for Christian Development.





PART 3 - BIBLE DOCTRINES (BDS03) - This study.

Tuesday 22 August  to Tuesday 29 August 2023. 7pm - 8pm daily.

ATTENTION!: Registration is not compulsory, but doing so means we can invite you to the institute for certification and/or graduation upon completion of all relevant modules.


You will find the meeting link when you click/tap  the "Register Here" button.

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