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"Without a sound, high-level understanding of the New contextual errors will shroud the correct interpretation of the NT scripures and their applications.  

Lanre Jegede.

This is why you should seriously consider taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the Possibility Assembly Anniversary Celebrations to take this course. As a minister, worker, church member, or believer with a vision to know God better, you will become better positioned and revived.

The course is delivered by The Olive Centre Bible College.


1. Introduction (TNTS01)
a. The 27 books and how we got the NT.
b. Time periods of the NT.
c. Theology and theme of the NT.
d. Timeline of the NT.


2. The 5 Historical books (TNTS02)
a. Introduction to the Gospels.
b. Outline, major events and chronology of life of Christ
c. Map of NT Palestine.
d .The  Gospels (4 books).
e. The Acts (1 book).


3. The 13 Pauline Epistolary books (TNTS03)
a. Introduction to Paul’s letters.
b. The 9 letters to churches.
c. The 4 personal letters. 


4. The 8 General letters (TNTS04)
a. Introduction to the general letters..  
b. Hebrews (Pauline?).
c. James, 1&2 Peter, 1,2,&3 John, Jude.


5. The 1 Prophetical book (TNTS05)
a. The Revelation.
b. The most significant chapters of the NT.

Monday 24 August  to Saturday 5 September 2020

6pm - 7pm daily


Join online:
Zoom ID: 9114799587

Click the "Register Here" or "Download Brochure" button for more information.

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