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The Brief Story

From 2006, our year of Possibilities, to date, The Lord has blessed and sustained us as a family, enabling us to Disciple, Empower and Send an increasing number of people from around the world, to their God-given "destinies" through various arms of the ministry. This is the reason we celebrate every year, and will continue to do so if the Lord tarries. So, if you desire revival, renewal, empowerment and spiritual nourishment, then this is where to be.

Anniversary Committee.

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ASOB 2021 for Bible Scholars, our pre-anniversary event, starts a week before the Anniversary. ASOB is powered by PAGM & The Olive Centre International Bible Institute.

ASOB 2021

(Annual School of The Bible)

Monday 23 - Tuesday 31 August 2021, 6pm-7pm daily 

"Study to shew thyself approved unto God" (2Tim.2:15)

Speaking for over 300 institutions with representatives from across the world, in a consultation arranged by the Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life, Dr Manfred Kohl estimated that 90% of pastors today have no formal theological or seminary training (Chris Sugden, Evangelicals Now:17 December 2020). We have also seen other statistics that put this figure between 60-85% based on other parameters. This is dangerous, considering that Jesus, the Word, trained His disciples for over 3 years - the usual study period for formal tertiary education. Paul the Apostle also studied the bible in Arabia/Damascus for over 3 years immediately after conversion.

Every year, starting the week immediately preceding the PAGM anniversary, we offer modules of formal theological training designed to contribute towards bridging this gap. If you are a minister, church worker, or God-chaser, this is designed for you.





 "He putteth down one, and setteth up another." (Psalm 75:7).

Understanding divine positioning, what comes with it, and on what is it conditioned. What would your answer to God be, if asked, "where are you.? (Genesis 3:9).


Rev Dr Sola Kolade, presides over the Vine Branch Ministries comprising charismatic churches and centres in Nigeria, UK, US, Canada, South Africa and counting, with Vine Branch Radio reaching a worldwide audience online. Dr Kolade is a sound Bible expositor with fresh revelations and power. He is indeed an unspeakable gift to the body of Christ. You will be blessed through him. He is married to Dr Bridget Kolade,



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